5 Useful Xcode Extensions to Make Work Easier

Power up your weapon

Farhan Tanvir


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Developers are soldiers, and an IDE is a weapon. A soldier’s greatest responsibility is always to power up his weapon and make good use of it.

Xcode is the best weapon for iOS and macOS developers. Here is 5 useful extension which will power up your weapon.

1. SwiftPlantUML-Xcode-Extension

A class diagram is Unified Modeling Language (UML) which describes the structure of software by showing classes, their attributes, operations, and the relationships among them. This extension will help you to generate and view a class diagram. This Extension makes use of the SwiftPlantUML Swift package. The installation procedure is simple. You can install it by usingHomebrew .

brew install swiftplantumlapp

2. SwiftFormat

I believe every developer uses some kind of code formatting. It is a necessity. isn’t it? Because coding is an art and no one wants to mess up with an art. Also when lots of developers work on a project it’s good to have a common coding style. This extension will help you to achieve this. At the time of writing this extension has 5.5k stars. You can install it by usingHomebrew .

$ brew install swiftformat

3. Import



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