Clean architecture in Android (Jetpack Compose, Paging 3.0, Kotlin, MVVM) ーPart- 2

Farhan Tanvir
4 min readFeb 16, 2022

Nowadays Clean architecture is an essential part of Android development. So I believe every developer should know about it. I won't talk much about the importance and details of Clean architecture. Because this is the second part of this series. We will use this GitHub repository. If you did not read the previous part I suggest taking a look.

Show Me what we are Reading

It is a great app. Isn’t it?

You always talk Too much

Ok ok. Let’s start. First, we will see what is new in this part.

  1. Improved design (Or maybe deterioration 😃)
  2. Movie Details Screen
  3. Paging 3.0
  4. ROOM DB


  1. Add local data source (ROOM DB)in the…



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